30 weeks primi has 3d ultrasound   showing ventricles of size 15mm

She is worried 

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Fetal ventriculomegaly is characterized by a dilatation of the lateral ventricles, with or without dilatation of the third or fourth ventricles.


Apart from the underlying etiology and the presence of associated structural/chromosomal anomalies, post-natal outcome depends on the progression of ventricular dilatation.

In isolated abnormality (absence of pathology and progression), the outlook for mild ventriculomegaly (<15 mm) is good with >95% of babies having normal neurodevelopment.


Associated major anomalies (cranial and extracranial) can be present in 50% of fetuses with VM, of which the most common are agenesis of the corpus callosum, posterior fossa malformations, and open spina bifida. The rate of associated anomalies in severe VM is higher than in mild VM.



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