1 yr old presents with loose stools of 4 days duration  . stools are watery with no blood in it . he weighs 4.9 kg length of 72 cm. feets looks normal . he was on ragi and cow milk which was  diluted  . he used to eat only a small qty  of ragi

he is pale ,eye dry conjunctiva sunken eyes,pulse volume low  angular stomatis +


cbc hb 8 gm%    tc 15000/mm3 rbs 50 mg%

urea creatinine nl  albumin 2.5 gm% na 135 k 3.5  mg 1.4  cal 8  p 4


what is the probable dx?

sam add


what is the line of management?

emergency signs

how do you prevent it?


what is the effect on various systems?


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