Dr. Jayaprakash

Asst. Prof. of Pediatrics, ICH. Institute of Child Health. Gov. Medical College Kottayam. Kerala, India.


dear all we all know how to suspect a turner ,lymphedema of hands in a newborn or short statured girl with pubertal delay we have good guidelines from aap for…

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DEAR all we are managing trisomy 21 . Are we following age specific guidelines? when should you take x ray for  suspected atlantoaxial dislocation? when will you suggest operations for  vsd…

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DEAR ALL you all are dealing with infantile hemangioma’s. one would have it disappearing,bleeding and ulcerating. some of them do get suggestion to investigate furthur fro you or your colleague…

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dear  all, we all are familiar with clinical features of rickets.we are quite convinced how to investigate a caseof rickets.are we  are familiar with radiology of rickets. let us review…

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